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I bought a entertainment center from Marlos in October, 2007. The light would not work and I was told to contact customer service. I did and 4 visits later and still not resolved, and we are going into March.

I have gone to the store myself and past on by the manager to someone who could not understand why he did not take care of the situation.

I have placed another call today and I again have to take time off from work and wait around for the service man to tell me that it can not be fixed. I just do not understand why Marlo's does not take back the furniture and replace it.

My next avenue is to seek legal assistance, but was trying everything in my poere to avoid. I will never buy again from Marlo's and will advise everyone that I know to avoid the store.

My next step is to take a day and picket the store and turn away customers. Buyers beware it is not a good store to buy from and is nothing more than what I would call a puppy mill. Furniture in and furniture out with no customer service or satisfaction.

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